When I Play My Guitar (2008)
When I Play My Guitar
1. When I Play My Guitar
2. Mama Don't You Cry
3. One Day
4. Martin Tells Me He Loves Me
5. Dance By The Light Of The Moon
iTunes Logo 6. I Will Be Back For You
7. Faith, Hope And Love
8. Learn To Forgive
9. Rose Street
10. Tender Kisses
11. I'll Show You The Way
Purchase 12. Your Love Is So Good For Me
13. I'm Not Crying Anymore
A Song For Me And You (2002)
A Song For Me And You
1. You Make My Heart Smile
2. A Fish That Can Fly
3. In An Instant
4. Isn't It Amazing
iTunes Logo 5. Jesus Is The Only Way For Me
6. Your Love Is All I Need
7. He's Here 24/7
8. Leave A Little Hole In The Sky
9. Come Out Of The Rain
10. The Star I Used To Wish Upon
Purchase 11. A Song For Me And You
12. In An Instant (Reprise)


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Christmas with Deanna D'Amico-White (2008)
Christmas with Deanna D'Amico-White
1. A Star That Shines
2. Christmas Bells
3. The Joy Of Christmas
4. Christmas Is Around The Corner
5. The King Of Love Is Born
6. Do You Hear What I Hear

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"Your CD knocked me out.!!!! Great job!!!! Loved the writing.... LOVED
the production and arrangements.... and Loved the overall package.
Congrats to you and to Kurt!!!!!!!!"

--Steven Applegate (Award winning music director & accompanist to the stars)

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